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20th June 2018

Welcome to the first "Jude's Blog"!
As we approach the half way point of the year (where did that go?!) maybe this is a good time to reflect and take stock of how we are doing. Time seems to be going by so quickly and in everyone's frantic schedules, it's a good idea to take a deep breath and think about your progress this year. Did you keep to the New Year's resolution for more than 3 weeks?! Have you done all the things you had on your "to do" list?
As the year comes into balance tomorrow, on the Solstice, it may be a good time to make time for some quiet reflection. Our minds are constantly full of "stuff", most of which is of no use whatsoever. A good practice is to use the 4, 5, 6 breathing technique, inhale for 4, hold for 5, then breathe out for 6. Try this next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, after a few rounds of this you will feel much calmer.

Jude's Blog. Autumn trees

3rd October 2018

Suddenly, it seems, Autumn has arrived!

The beautiful summer is over, the nights are drawing in and the leaves on the trees are changing colour before the trees let go of them and they fall. The Fall, as our American cousins say. We could all learn a lesson from the trees and think about what we need to let go of in this season of endings. Nature knows that change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same forever and we need to change along with everything else in nature. As the trees release their leaves to conserve energy for the winter ahead, so we can let go of things that are no longer for our highest good or serving us. There was a very powerful Full Moon last week and many people felt the energy of letting go, I know I did!
Although the summer was glorious, the time has now come to move into the colder months of the year and instead of moaning about this and fighting against it, embrace the good times of autumn, the vibrant colours of the trees, acorns and beech nuts crunching underfoot in the woods, soft, warm clothes and boots, golden sunlight glinting through the trees, wood smoke, apples and fireworks!

I thought it would be interesting to write a small introduction to an oil that you may not have heard of each time I write the blog and today, I think it has to be Vetiver as it is so obviously an autumn oil.

Vetiver is one of my favourite oils but probably is a Marmite oil, you either love it or hate it! It comes from the roots of a scented grass native to India and Sri Lanka and is a wonderful, dark brown, thick viscous oil, It has a beautiful smokey aroma which reminds me of bonfires and toffee apples. I find it very calming and like a lot of resinous oils, helps with breathing.

It is often used in the perfume industry as a base note. It has many uses and helps with skin care, especially oily skin and acne. It is an immunostimulant, which means it increases our ability to withstand stress without becoming ill, something very important in the autumn/winter months and the build up to Christmas.

One of its most important actions are on the mind and emotions. It's Indian name, means "Oil of Tranquillity" expresses its character beautifully!

It is deeply relaxing so is great in massages and baths for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, insomnia or depression. Being made from the roots it is a very "grounding" and stabilising oil, useful if you feel ungrounded and insecure. It is a great oil to use after a shock or during a traumatic period in life, such as divorce, seperation or bereavement.

Please remember, that all essential oils, with the exception of Lavender and Tea Tree must be mixed with a carrier oil and never used neat on the skin.

Have a wonderful Autumn and until next time, with love and blessings.


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